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Increase engagement, automate
your process and empower your
sales reps and influencers.

We work hard so that your energy is
spent on growing your business,
not managing the software.

Unlike other direct sales and ecommerce software companies, all of our services are first class with set package rates and, full transparency on your capabilities.

We also and we have faster priority on-boarding and takeoff.


Standard Features

Broadcast Messaging

A mass email by a consultant to their field or by the company to their field.
Consultant Timeline
A view of recent events from a consultant’s field.


The ability to create a discount/promotion via coupon for a specified criteria.
Custom Fields
The ability to create fields for data storage.
Data Export
The ability to pull a set of data into excel.
Downline Graphical
A graphical view of a consultant’s downline.
Gift Cards
Virtual cards that can be exchanged for a specified cash value.Virtual cards that can be exchanged for a specified cash value.
Host Rewards
A configurable rewards system for a host based on the sales of a party.
Inventory Availability/Management
Updating and tracking of inventory through a point of sale.
Join Options
How a consultant joins the company.
Lead Capture
Online form for new leads.
Legal Agreements
The acceptance of a legal agreement via checkbox.
Loyalty Points
A reward program to encourage shopping.
A group of orders during a party event where the host receives rewards.
Product Attributes
A characteristic of a product that can be filtered to limit product search results.
Product Badges
An image on a product to highlight a selling point.
Product Classifications
A classification for a set of products to use for pricing, rewards, etc.
Product Exclusions
A classification of a set of products to exclude from promotional pricing, rewards, etc.
Product Kits
A group of individual products sold together at a single price.
Product Personalizations
The ability for a shopper to add a customization to a product.
Product Reviews
Feedback left behind by shoppers for a product.
Product Showcase
Highlighting a set of products on the website for sale.
Product Tabs
Tabs to include content for a product.
Product Variations
Options for a product, such as size color, etc.
The communication of requirements during shopping to be eligible for a discount (on a product or order).
Purchase Orders
The purchase of stock from a vendor. 


Reimbursement for an order.
A standard set and custom reports on activity in your business.
The return of merchandise from a customer.
Shipment Batching
Grouping of multiple orders for shipment.
Shipstation Real Time Lookup
A real time lookup for a shipping cost for a carrier.
Skywallet (Internal Wallet)
Monetary instruments within Flight (cash, product credits, loyalty points, etc.).
A recurring charge for a product or service.
The ability to translate Flight into different languages.
Trigger Options
The automation of an action for a specific event.
Vendor Management
A listing of vendors for purchase orders.

Premium Features

Records of information transacted outside of Flight added to a consultant’s account in Flight for compensation processing.
Clients can use Flight’s API’s for integrations.
Business Units
This breaks your Flight software into different markets (or franchises).
Consultant Portal Dashboard Manager
A complete back office view for consultants to review their information and activity of their field.
Country Management
Configurability to quickly update your Fight  for additional countries.
Curated Orders
Consultant’s can build an email an order to their customer.
Customer Permissions (orders by consultants)
Customers can grant permissions to consultants who are not their parent to place orders.
Customer Referral
Referral links for customers to share.
Data Imports
The use of excel to enter bulk data into Flight.
The request of charitable denotations during the checkout of an order.
Creating an award for activity using information that is in the compensation plan.
Qualifications Autoresponders
Emails to consultants for specific qualifications in the compensation plan.
Replicated Reporting Database (Read Only)
An additional database to use specifically for reporting/research.
Used to send a piece of data triggered in Flight to another application.
Where customers can save items to a list to review for purchase later.

Standard Integrations

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Learn more about Avalara Shipping Validation on their site: Avalara-Shipping Validation

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Google Tag Manager
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Learn more on their site:

Premium Integrations

Learn more about Google Product Feed: Google For Retail
Learn more about Multibrain (NSocial): Multibrain
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Learn more StreamStyle by Revo on their site: StreamStyle
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Verb Tech

Learn more about Ziplingo’s direct sales messaging platform on: ziplingo


The Flight platform provides all of the critical components necessary to run a successful selling operation.


The Flight platform provides all of the critical components necessary to run a successful selling operation.


Full Commerce Solutions



From the Flight Commerce Engine that powers our application, to the consultant portal, customer portal, and WordPress website; you can leverage these best-in-class tools to operate your entire business.


Integrate and innovate your existing platforms and technologies into the Flight Commerce Engine.

You can continue to use and enjoy your website, third-party fulfillment or ERP system and more. They can all be integrated and made more powerful with the Flight Commerce software engine.


APIs are at the center of the digital operations of every businesss, however, not all APIs are built the same.

With a modern commerce platform designed to be API first, you can easily and effortlessly connect the dots within your business ecosystem.

The Flight application provides a full suite of web services/API’s so you can personalize or extend the application to meet your needs.


Choosing the right companies to partner with are crucial business decisions.

Flight has already taken off with multiple industry-leading partners to ensure we provide your business with the best-in-class services and products on the market.

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Flight Commerce is proud to announce that we have achieved SOC 2 certification, which means that we have met the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy for our information systems. SOC 2 certification is issued by outside auditors who assess our compliance with the five trust principles based on our systems and processes. By obtaining this certification, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting our customers’ data and ensuring the reliability and quality of our services.

“Flying not may be all plain
sailing, but the fun of it is
worth the price.”


– Amelia Earhart

The Flight Approach

No hidden fees,
even for additional
baggage or tools.

Our Flight Crew are
all based in our
Tampa, Florida office.

Fly before you buy
with our Test
Flight Program.

“The Flight system has been essential for our business to grow from a small company of four employees & 25 reps to over 50 employees & 2500+ sales reps. The implementation team has been extremely helpful in every step of the process. Flight has gone above and beyond in all phases of our growth.”


– Rich Dill | Chief Operating Officer
Eternapure & Summit Animal Health

We not only provide the most integrative software, we also include more built in tools for direct selling and influencer marketing than any other company.

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