About The Flight Crew

We’re No Rookie! Founded in 2001, We’ve Been In This Game For Nearly 22 Years

Tampa, FL

55.000 Flight
Sales Portals

Serving 10
Countries and

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We believe that commerce opportunities empower individuals to create a better life. The tools you use shouldn’t obscure what they are truly capable of or limit your abilities.

Our Flight Plan is to constantly innovate our technology and anticipate what’s possible for social selling so that we’re always a step ahead of problems and future opportunities.

We will support and even challenge your growth to keep you ahead of your inferior competitors so that you can make a greater impact. We get to know your business inside and out and support all your needs — even the ones those you don’t know you need yet.

“Flight has been integral in the success and growth of our business. Their support, development, and comp plan teams are forward-thinking and easy to work with.

We value our relationship with Flight and look forward to continuing scaling up with their platform.”


– Joel Rottman | President
Beauty Society

“Passion will make you crazy,
but is there any other way to live?”


– Howard Hughes


Most of our staff are tenured employees, however we occasionally add more positions to the Flight crew as we grow.

Our vision is to become the leading social commerce software by enabling our clients to focus on their goals and business growth, not on software.

We’re looking for members that:

  • Work hard and play hard.
  • Make it personal. Every. Single. Time.
  • Set higher expectations than our clients do.
  • Put more heart, soul and creativity in than anyone else in this industry.
  • Challenge our clients to grow while uplifting and supporting them.

To inquire about career opportunities at Flight Commerce, please send your resume to: [email protected]


Unlike other direct sales and ecommerce software companies, all our services are first class with set package rates, full transparency on your capabilities and faster priority on-boarding with your personal flight attendant.